Sudden Calm After The Storm

Rory had never been more terrified in his life. The shocking part is the fear he is feeling isn’t for himself. It’s for Quarry.
She is one of the strongest swimmers he knows, but swimming is impossible when you’re unconcious.
Dear God, help me. Rory thinks as the waves pulverize his struggling form.
“QUARRY! WAKE UP !!” he screams futilely over the wind.

* * * *
“It’s an epic struggle between man and the might of the sea, like Odysseus and Poseidon, there’s absolutely nothing you can do.” Morgan recalled the words Quarry had written in her dramatic history report on the Titanic.
Funny, the things you remember when your about to die…
Seline tightened her grip on the floating piece of debris they were clinging to desperately. “WHERE’S RORY AND QUARRY ?!” she shouted.
Morgan didn’t answer, he was afraid to.
As suddenly as he storm began it stopped.
The sea ceased its heaving and the rain dissipated into a slight drizzle.

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