Alexa Speaks at a Meeting

Hi, I’m a Ficletholic. I’m here because for an hour, I know I won’t check my account for comments or wonder why I didn’t get more stars. I know there’s no cure for Ficlets – but some are able to live without wondering about Challenges, Prequels & Sequels.

I tried not writing, but still had to find out if the Insane Knight got out of the Boring Forest or if Simon & Blake defeated the Apocalypse. I know this is a sign I’m not Ficleting “socially.”

I read on the bus, maniacally laughing at something only I can see on my phone. In conversations, I often think about what I’ve read. At home, I slink off to private corners to read the next installment in a series. My boss told me in hushed tones that it is unacceptable workplace behavior.

But I can’t stay away. I envy people who can type something & never check on it again, but I must accept I’m not like that.

I am writing to live and living to write. I have yet to work the steps. I was hoping for a sponsor. Does anyone know someone with a Broken Pen?

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