“I refuse to be ignored!” Stephie screamed at me.
I winced and tried to continue reading my book as if I hadn’t heard her.
“How can you read at a time like this!?” she demanded, quite loudly I might add.
I slammed the book shut in annoyance. “WHAT?” I exclaimed with extraordinary volume.
She looked surprised that I was actually paying attention to her, but took advantage of her.
“Why are you going to the dance??” she shouted. “You don’t even have a date!”
I must admit she was putting on quite a show for the rest of the school bus passengers.
“If this is all a ploy to get me to go with you to your-”
“SO WHAT IF IT IS ??!” she yelled.
“I already told you! I’M NOT GOING BOWLING !!!!! I HATE BOWLING !!!” I screamed. The guy sitting in the seat behind me flinched.
You’re missing the point!” Stephie protested.
“I know.” I said smiling at her deviously. “That’s why knives have no effect on me.”

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