The Explanation

“Welcome, Miranda Topas, to the Maze.”

What is happening to me? thought Miranda. Am I going crazy? She had just woken up from what felt like a dangerous dose of anaesthetic drugs. The pounding headache, nausea. She recognized the signs from when she had been put to sleep in medical school! And where was she now? She hoped the hologram that was coming out of the sphere could explain something. Maybe this was some medical survey to test human reaction to surprise…

“This is Dr. Paul speaking. You are in for the time of your life.” At this point, the grungy, ancient scientist the hologram sphere was depicting started laughing like a maniac in a cheap horror movie. “There will be danger, there will be tears and pain, and who knows if you will even survive? Ah yes, there is a way to survive. You must find the exit of this shifting, shapeless maze. Oh well, it shall all be in the name of science.” He started to laugh again. “Goodbye, and I do hope you make it out alive!”

Miranda just screamed.

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