Grape Soda, White Shirt. Round One: Fight!

Ash and Jerry sat down at a table with their trays.
“So who is it?” Ash asked him curiously.
“Who is what?” Jerry asked innocently.
Ash stared at him.”Don’t do that!”
“Do what?”
“Jerry!” Ash protested.
“O.K, O.K!” Jerry threw up his hands in defeat. “I was hoping the food would distract you.”
“Yeah right, the only thing that would distract me now is the Jonas Brothers standing next to God Himself.” Ash declared.
“Look! There’s the Jonas Brothers standing next to God Himself!” Jerry pointed someplace behind her.
Ash contemplated throwing her drink at him. “Don’t even try it. Who is she?”
“Well, she’s pretty.” Jerry started.
“Oh? I never would have guessed.” Ash said sarcastically.
“She’s kind of tall and-” He was interupted by Ash’s strangled cry.
Jerry looked up from his plate. Somehow Marianne in her pink miniskirt had managed to spill grape soda all over Ash’s white shirt.
The one her Dad had given to her.
Marianne stared at Ash with faked horror. “I’m so sorry!” she gushed falsely.

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