Captain Trigger-Happy

Boston, MA – Brian Barrel a.k.a. ‘Captain Trigger-Happy’ was found dead in his bed on Monday morning, aged 67. The police have said the incident is being treated as a natural death.

Brian emerged in the late 60’s as the little known ‘Mr Supportive’, as ‘Mr Supportive’ he was a small-timer, and could often be seen mowing people’s lawns and filling in for ill paperboys. However, convinced he could be of more use, Brian hung up his costume and went to fight in Vietnam.

He came back from the war a changed man and instantly returned to his superhero ways now assuming the title ‘Private Trigger-Happy’, with a massive arsenal of firearms. He was at first a great success and promoted himself for every 100 criminals shot.

His most notable accomplishment was the John Hancock Tower hostage crisis, where he killed all 5 perpetrators with a single bullet.

It wasn’t all good news and in 1992 his gun license was revoked after he shot a man for queue jumping. He returned, successfully, to being a civilian, until Monday.

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