The Fate of The Three

“Let us throw them in the dungeons!”
Abella, Aurora, and Quinn are now in a separate room discussing The Three’s punishment.
Quinn stands. “Well personally, I_ think we should feed them to the lions!”
“Quinn! Do you really think that’s a proper punishment?”
“Yes as a matter of fact i do, Aurora!”
“Well, why don’t we just feed _you
to the lions then?”
“Why don’t you just shut your…”
“Ladies please!” shouts Abella. “Stop bickering! We need to figure out a suitable punishment that we all agree on.”
A little while later, they rejoin The Three who are waiting to hear their fate.
Abella is the first to speak. “Knights, please stand.”
The Three stand, looking rather solemn.
“Now you understand the crimes of which you have committed and that you deserve a fair retribution, and if you refuse to comply that you will meet the same dreadful fate as our poor escort?”
The Three nod.
“Then from now on, you shall be our personal servants and do whatever we tell you to.”
Oh dear. How will our heroes react to this?

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