The Jonas Robbery

It was yet another boring day. I had nowhere to go, nothing to do, so I wandered outside and down the street to the groccery store. Browsing through the candy isle, I noticed a tall boy with dark brown curly hair. “Hey! What’s up?” I said, approaching him, immediately assuming the boy was my friend, Brian.
He jumped as I grabbed him by the shoulder. When the boy turned to face me, I realized he wasn’t Brian, he was Nick Jonas. I just stared blankly at him, too shocked to know what to say. “You-you’re-” I stuttered.
“Shh”, Nick whispered.
Then I heard the sound of gunshots. Joe and Kevin ran over, sweat pouring from their faces. “Dude! We gotta get outa here!! Some crazy guys with guns are robbing this place!” Joe exclaimed.
Kevin and Joe took off down the isle. Nick unexpectedly grabbed my hand and pulled me along as he followed his brothers.

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