Death Water

“Oh my God. No, no no no!!!! Oh my God, oh my God!” I wailed. The tears were flooding my eyes and I barely see. My throat felt raw from weeping.
I had done it. I had fought, I had gotten through it all!
How could this happen to me?! It didn’t make sense! I was supposed to be going home. They told me I could cross the bridge and go home. But, beyond the bridge, was water. An ocean stretching out into the horizon. There was no land in site. No way to get home.
The water was black, the epitome of evil. With the sound of each crashing wave came the sound of laughter. They were laughing at me for having come this far…for nothing.
Now what? Where was I supposed to go? I couldn’t go back, not to them. What as going to happen to me?
I could already feel the fear, the hunger, the thirst, the agony tearing me apart. I sank down on the bridge, staring blankly into the water, not moving. There was no hope left.

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