Take a Bite Out of Crime

With the help of the famous detective, Gobstopper, I Detective Snickers of the Candyland Police Department, was hot on the trail of the Candy Killer, Tootsie Roll Pop and his gang, that consisted of the Three Musketeers, and an assortment of Pez heads whose specialty was rapid fire shooting of retactangled shaped pure sugar blocks that their victims.

Another equally famous detective, E. Bunny provided assistance while on his off time from his one day side job delivering our citizenry to new homes across the globe.

“Sir”, my partner, Butterfinger, the klutz, said as he came in the room, a Chunky member of the community in cuffs beside him, “We captured this nut trying to snatch the colorful M&M dancers downtown, caught him red , and green and yellow handed.”

“You’re in league with Tootsie aren’t you?”, I questioned the suspect.
Butterfinger acting impulsively, bit the Chunky suspect, giving new meaning to a fellow crime fighter named McGruff’s ,’Take a Bite Out of Crime’, slogan.

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