Truth and lies

Jenny and Kamaria rushed to see what happened.
The car that was sitting in the driveway had been reduced to a pile of ruble. It looked as though a meteor had struck it!
Then, Kamaria noticed a person moving near the crushed vehicle. He looked pretty banged up.
A million more questions burst into her head. So many things were happening so fast, she felt as if there wasn’t enough time to think. She rushed over to help him up.
Suddenly he grabbed Kamaria.
“Quick!” he said. “Come with me, you’re in great danger!”
“No! Get away from him!”
Jenny looked terrified and was motioning for her to come back. She struggled to get away from Aedin, but failed.
“Don’t listen to her,” he said.
“Kamaria run! Just trust me!”
“Kamaria, please believe me. Jenny’s lying to you. She’s really a vampire slayer. She and her allies are trying to kill us!”
“Don’t listen to him! He’s lying!”
“Follow me, you’ll be safe I promise.”
Kamaria was more confused than ever. She looked to Aedin, and then at Jenny. Who should she trust?

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