A Feast

Needless to say, The Three are not pleased about their current situation. However they accept the punishment, and agree to meet Aurora, Abella, and Quinn for dinner this evening.
“This is all your fault, Sir Damien!”
“What? That’s preposterous! Why is it my fault!?”
“We just had to try to take over I Don’t Know. Why can’t we just visit the new lands for once? We must we always cause chaos? Your such an overachiever!”
The Three continue to argue as they wait for dinner. But as the food starts to arrive, they get into a more cheerful mood. The six of them are all eating now and talking as if they are old pals.
“Could you pass the Parkay, Sir Gavin?”
“But of course, Abella!”
Oooo…now dessert is being served, and I believe it is none other than: TAPIOCA ! Yum. As they all become full, Quinn tells The Three that they shall stay in a reserved room in the tower. All of them retire to their rooms for the night except for Abella and Sir Sebastian.
“Sir Sebastian, I need you to do something very important for me.”

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