Hooray for Pirates

Pirates. You think men with eyepatches, peglegs, and red bandanas calling each other “scurvy dogs”, don’t ya?

Well, that’s where you’re wrong.

I am Rita, Faerie Pirate, captain of the Naiad. I am neither man, nor have I had any part of me amputated. I don’t call my crew “scury” nor “dog.” Scurvy’s a curse word aboard my ship.

Daily, I fight off resentful naiads, run from the faerie government, which insists upon my death even though it’s disowned me…or rather, I’ve disowned it…and explore the previously undiscovered parts of Fae. My mission shall never be completed. Fae grows larger every day.

Everyone loves a pirate, you say?

You’re wrong again.

I am a pirate, an exile, and a faerie-waterchild halfling.

I am captain of the misfits.

I am almost universally hated, as is the rest of my crew. Good thing we’re out here together in a boat for all eternity, flowing swiftly away from those not so nice as the Air Godess who sends the wind.

Oh, yes. Hooray for pirates.

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