Clover High: Boys Are So Immature

“You’re in a tunnel.” Snap repeated again.
Boys are so immature.
“Dylan,” I said softly helping him to sit up. “The school was hit by a tornado and perhaps an earthquake.”
“WHAT?” Dylan said for the second time in as many minutes. “How did this happen? How did I get here?!”
“Take it easy, man.” Snap said to Dylan. “One question at a time.”
“Snap saved your life Dylan.” I stated.
“I-I wouldn’t call it saving exactly…Just-uh…” Snap stuttered, looking embarrased for the first time since I’ve known him.
Dylan’s eyes seemed to look at him as if for the first time. “Thank You.”
“Umm. Sure. Anytime. It’s cool.” Snap said looking uncomfortable.
He’s still wearing those sunglasses.
“Um, Snap?”
He looked at me. “Yeah?”
“Can you see through those?” I asked.
“Yes, I-”
Dylan interrupted before he could finish. “Excuse me? I’m still waiting to find out how and why we’re in a tunnel.”
“Oh yes, the story of the Clover High Tunnels…” Snap began.
“This is gonna be fun.” Frederick said grinning.

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