Reaching Calamity Island

You row ashore, jumping from the boat, your heart beats as you take your first steps on Calamity Island. You look round as your friends and companions Zoe and Joe also spring ashore. Joe hands you your bag of supplies, it’s heavy but you’ll be needing all the food and weapons you can carry.

You look back and see the pirate ship, The Dark Star, they aren’t chasing you, so they don’t know you’ve left yet. All three of you volunteered for night watch so you could slip away. Captain Black won’t be thrilled to learn you’ve left, he’ll realise you’re going after the treasure and will try and stop you.

It was hard finding a crew willing to go to Calamity Island, few ever come here, and even fewer return. The rumours of fierce natives, voodoo witches, booby traps and long lost pirate bands keep most people away. You had to give him the treasure map to guarantee he’d actually come here. It’s a good job you had the foresight to make a copy.,

You see three paths in front of you, do you;

Go Left
Go Ahead
Go Right

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