The Candidate: Final Speech

“We are a nation that has splintered. We are a nation that is divided. This must change! Only together can we change! Together, we can move forward and make this nation great again.”

“We all know the issues from this campaign. We have heard those in government say the same things, make the same promises, but nothing gets done.”

“The media has called the spark that is needed in government, to make them change. I have not made any promises of change. Because I can not make the changes myself. I need you!”

“I want to go there to represent all of you. I will make the recommendations, initiate new ideas, and new thoughts. But without you, they will not act upon them.”

“By electing me, not only are you telling me and the government you want change, but you are saying you will support me in making those changes. Together we will make this nation strong again!”

The auditorium roared into applause. He felt overwhelmed by their cheers. Tomorrow would be the test. Tomorrow, the votes would tell him their answer.

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