Melanaria's Dragon

From inside her egg, the tiny rainbow-hued dragon pecked frantically in her efforts to crack her shell. She could not see the girl waiting patiently for her to emerge but she could feel the excitement and anticipation emanating from her, along with a sense of sadness and yearning.

She could also sense that time was running out – that she was using up the last of her oxygen as the crystalized membrane of her egg refused to give. As the dizziness began to overcome her, she gave one last final thrust against the rock hard surface and just as she lost conciousness, she felt the shell give, saw a glimmer of light, a glimpse of soft eyes and hands and felt overwhelming feelings of love and fear. Then she felt nothing…...

Melanaria fell to her knees as the small, wet body fell at her feet and lay motionless. As she cradled the small, beautiful beast, tears fell from her cheeks. “No, please don’t die!” she cried. “I don’t want to be lonely anymore. God please, if you can hear me, let her live for me!”

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