Too Much Time in the 60's....

I was beginning to realize that I had spent far too many days at Woodstock and they were catching up with me now, almost 40 years later! How else could I explain a talking cat and a liposucking spider?

Now that I had an explanation for what was happening to me, I began to relax, which was not easy considering that I could still feel electrical impulses from the shock I had received and I was only now beginning to worry about what that darn spider had left in me to replace what she had taken out.

Just when I thought I was beginning to get a good grip on the situation a rabbit popped out of the electrical socket that the toaster plug had most recently vacated. With absolute amazement I watched as he tipped his hat, winked saucily at me and walked over to where I lay.

As the cat began to explain to him what had been going on, the spider began to slink her way back up the purple strand of silk she had been dangling from. Then my wife came into the room, viewed the scene, grabbed the toaster and….

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