The Desert Of Death

You, Zoe and Joe decide to go over the Desert of Death, because names can be decieving and the Forest of Fun could be a child torture facility for all you know.
As you approach the desert something shiny catches your eye. You pick it up, you have no idea what it is so you ask Joe and Zoe.
Zoe takes the shiny piece from you and stares at it. “I’m not sure, but it looks like some type of key.” she says.
“What do you think Joe?”
Joe gets a strange look in his eye. “Yeah, sure. Uh-huh.”
You wonder if he knows something that you don’t.
“Joe, what’s the matter?” You ask him.
“Nothing.” he says looking away.
“I wonder what this key is for.” Zoe says.
“So do I.” you say.
You and your friends step into the Desert of Death. After you go a couple feet a wind starts up, blowing sand into places you didn’t even know sand could get into.
“Let’s keep going!” Zoe yells.
You’re not sure this is such a good idea.

Do you:
Agree with Zoe and Keep Going
Refuse And Go Back
Steal The Key From Zoe and Run Away

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