Run! Run For Your Lives!

You fervently jostle Zoe and Joe awake as the pirates’ heavy footsteps tramp nearer. They blink away the sleep from their eyes, see the pirates, and you all abandon your things and run like the flibbertygibbets.

As you and your miserable trio head into the denser part of the jungle, you hear the captain curse and grumble behind you. The pirates have found your things, and no doubt know who you are.

After nearly an hour of exhausting escape, you signal Zoe and Joe to take a rest so you all can figure what to do next.

“All right, gang,” you say, trying to muster up as much authority as you can, “I’ve looked over the map again, and even though we don’t have all our supplies, I think we can go three ways:”

Continue north through the jungle
Go east to Blitzkrieg Bay
Go west to Mermaid’s Cove

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