The Swamp Of Suffering

You and Joe decide to go through the Swamp Of Suffering.
“Are you stupid?” Zoe demands. “The name screams death even more than the desert!”
You and Joe look at her.
“I think this is the best choice.” you say.
Zoe gapes at you. “You can’t be serious.”
“Yeah, Zoe. I agree. This is the best choice.” Joe says.
Zoe’s jaw drops. “Well you can go. I’m not going with you! I’m going through the Forest of Fun.”
“Oh, come on Zoe. Don’t be ridiculous. You can’t go off by yourself!” You say incredulously.
“I can and I will. I’ll see you guys or maybe not.” she gathers her stuff and starts away.
“Zoe wait!” Joe cries.
Zoe turns around and looks as if she hopes you’ll change your mind.
“So this is goodbye?” you ask.
“I don’t say goodbye.” Zoe turns away and walks off without looking back.
“What do we do?” you ask Joe watching Zoe’s retreating back.
“I guess we continue.” Joe says.

Do You:
Continue With Joe to The Swamp
Go Try to Convince Zoe to Come Back
Decide to Rethink Your Path

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