What is Death?

I always thought that death was the moment in which you see the reaper standing there like in “The Sims” and he suddenly takes your soul away and leaves your body there oon the ground,Cold and lifeless.

Death is a nightmare for some people.

But if you think about it logically, it’s just a chance to experience life ever-lasting.

Death is visiting God and staying for more than just a while.

Death is appreciating life for just what it represents
Death is loving every moment of your life, from beginning to end

Death is knowing that you will live forever

Death is God saying “I want you to be here with me”
Death is love in a way you never expect it.

But at the same time, death is being scared of your end.
Death is giving up on life Unwillingly

It is having your memories play in front of you like it’s a black and white movie but not being able to see what happens next.
Death is suspense, building from the moment that your life begins.

Death is…...Death

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