The Run.

She tripped. Kamaria ran into a crack in the driveway and tripped. She scraped her elbow, knee, and hand against the unforgiving concrete. Aedin looked at her, urging her along, and she got up as gently but as quickly as she could, and ran even faster towards the motorcycle.
“Kamaria, rest assured you’re making the biggest mistake of your life!” Jenny yelled.
Kamaria ignored Jenny, and just kept running.
“Come on!” Aedin pulled her up, handed her a helmet, and raced off.

They had been going for a while in complete silence. No noise but the wind rushing by them and drying Kamaria’s tears.
She asked: “Aedin! Where are we going!?”
He just stared ahead, a look of concentration on his perfect face.
“Aedin! Are you listening to me?!” She tightened her grip around his waist, hoping that would spark his hearing.
Still, he just stared straight ahead, gripping the handles tightly, his arms tensed.
Suddenly, he pulled over, turned around, and glared at her with his piercing violet eyes.

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