The Jonas Robbery Part 2: Screams And Cries

Joe and Kevin headed to the back of the store, with Nick and I following. I could here men yelling, people screaming, and then more gunshots.

We reached the back of the store and stood against the back wall. Joe looked terrified. Kevin seemed alert, as if anticipating an attack. Nick and I were just looking back and forth, wondering what to do next.

“What are we supposed to do?!” I asked. Kevin reached over and put his hand on my shoulder. “Just stay here until everything’s over. They’ll have to leave soon,” he reassured me. I could tell Kevin was trying to be the protector. He didn’t even know who I was.

We waited for a few more minutes. Breathing hard, our hearts pounding. I heard a man yelling once again. It was obviously the voice of the robber, but I couldn’t make out what he was saying. The scary thing was, the voice seemed to be getting closer.

And then, I saw the man. Dressed in all black. A black bag in one hand, a gun in the other. He was headed straight toward us.

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