Better Run Through the Jungle

You decide to continue north, hoping to elude your pursuers in the jungle.

After a few minutes of running through dense jungle, the three of you stumble upon a stream.

“I think…we lost…them,” Zoe gasps, collapsing by the water.

But you aren’t so sure. Are those whispers you hear? And was that…a wisp of black smoke?

“I think we should keep moving…” you begin to say. The earth shakes and trembles. In the distance, tree after tree crash to the ground.

“Earthquake!” Joe screams.

A booming roar splits the air! More trees rip from the ground, in a straight line, coming right in your direction!

“That’s no earthquake,” you say.

“Run!” Zoe shouts.

Run? OK, but where?

Monster! Don’t think, just RUN !

Screw this! I’ll take my chances with the pirates! Go back the way you came.

You don’t believe in monsters. Stand your ground and figure out what’s really going on.

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