The Blitzkrieg Bop

The three of you continue east, headed toward the spot marked on the map as “Blitzkrieg Bay”.

As you press through the jungle, you stumble over something hidden in the undergrowth. Your foot makes contact with the hidden object and you hear a metallic thud.

“What the heck…” you mutter. Zoe and Joe gather around and help you clear vines and vegetation, revealing…

“Some sort of a…hatch,” Zoe says, puzzled. “Who would build something like this on a deserted island?”

“Maybe the treasure is down there.” Joe answers, opening the hatch and looking down. “There’s a ladder.”

Before you can reply, you hear a low growl. About twenty feet away, you spot an animal. A huge mass of white fur and muscle, it’s jaws slavering and a hungry gleam in it’s coal black eyes.

A polar bear.

What do you do now?

Find a weapon and stand and fight!

A freaking polar bear!? Run!

Down the hatch!

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