Mermaid's Avenue

Traveling west, you, Joe and Zoe head for Mermaid’s Cove.

There, you find a ship. By it’s tattered skull and crossbones flag, you realize that this must have been an ancient pirate ship. Beached and rotting, it has obviously been here for a long time.

“I’ll bet you that the treasure is in that ship!” Joe shouts as he runs ahead, leaving you and Zoe behind.

Zoe laughs. “I guess someone should make sure he doesn’t get in trouble.” She follows Joe’s path across the sand.

You start to follow, but stop. You have the feeling that you are being watched. You look around.

There! In the jungle! Is that someone standing behind that tree? Someone with long blond hair that shimmers in the moonlight?

You hear a sound. The most beautiful singing you’ve ever heard, and it’s coming from the water.

You are officially creeped out. What do you do now?

Inspect the creepy derelict pirate ship.

Investigate the creepy blond haired apparition in the jungle.

Check out the creepy singing coming from the water.

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