Back for the Packs

Being a brave idiot, and feeling guilty for leaving the food behind, you volunteer to run back for the food. Your friends wish you luck and slink back into the undergrowth.

You sprint across the sand, watching the heat waves start to rise as the tropical sun begins its baking of all the world. The ocean steams as it laps towards your footfalls. You’re not sure which is saltier, the sea air or your own sweat dampening your humble clothes and running in your eyes.

Half blind and nearing a state of incoherence you make it to the rowboat. There is the food pack, the last key piece to success. You grab it then shudder as a BOOM rocks the tranquil paradise. A longboat of your former shipmates is bearing down on your position, the ship behind them sending softening blows.

Shot screams over your head cutting through the jungle. The water carries angry shouts to your ears. What do you do?

Run back to Zoe and Joe
Run straight into the jungle
Try to sink the longboat with the rowboat’s small cannon

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