Mom makes me help with my sister's stupid 6th birthday party and Geena makes me mad

“HAHAHA!!!! Look at Tarra!” Geena screamed.

All the evil children laughed.

“Shut up!” I yelled.

It didn’t work, they kept on laughing.

“Okay, cup cake time!” Mom said in a cheery voice as she entered the room. “Tarra, help me pass these out,” she told me in much less of a happy tone.

I passed out a cup cake to each of the kids. “Sit down!” a fat boy ordered after I was done. “Whatever,” I mumbled, and did as he said. I was too emotionally drained to say no.

So, I sat at the head of the table, watching them all garbage down the cup cakes in one bite, like barbarians.

All but one, my sister, Geena. She sat perfectly still and didn’t even reach for her cupcake.

“Honey, it’s your birthday. Aren’t you going to eat?” Mom asked.

Geena looked at her, smiled, then picked up the cupcake and smashed it right into my face.

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