Go Back To Sleep

You decide to go back to sleep. After all, there can’t possibly be anything dangerous around and Joe and Zoe are around to help if something goes wrong.
Everything is going to be fine. You think as you fall back asleep.
You wake up and open your eyes, what you see is black boots and sand. Suddenly you’re completely alert.
The pirates have captured you and tied your hands and feet to a pole their carrying on their shoulders. Your hair is dragging in the sand.
“Hey! Let me go!” You scream.
The pirates laugh. “Ha! No way, the Cap’n is already mad at us for losing those friends of yours.”
They laugh again. “They abandoned you, sleeping under some tree when they heard us coming.”
Your heart sinks. Your friends have abandoned you and you’ve been captured by pirates who are going to kill you. You should’ve gone to investigate that noise! It’s too late now you are haunted by your decision for the rest of your life. Which is about twenty minutes.


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