The Jonas Robbery Part 4: The Chase

I looked back and saw Kevin starting to run just as a bullet hit a can of food…..not six inches away from him. We all took off. Running as fast as we could, making sudden turns, just trying to get away.

I heard more gunshots. A bullet zipped past my arm and hit a box of flour right in front of me, causing the box to explode and the white powder to cover us.

I sharply turned down another isle. A turn too sharp.

I ran right into a metal rack holding cans. When my foot hit the metal, my ankle went sideways. I could hear the bone snap. Then several of the canned goods fell on my leg, weighing me down.

Nick ran up to me and grabbed both my hands, trying to pull me up. “Come on!” he anxiously yelled. Kevin and Joe caught up to us, and saw what had happened to me.

The next thing I knew, Kevin grabbed me by my waist and hoisted me up. “We gotta go,” he told me.

Nick let go of one of my hands and began running. He held tight to my other hand. He half dragged me and I half ran.

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