Marry Joan Minns

Her name was Mary Joan Minns…. this is her story.

Tomarrow is my first day of the 7th grade! I am so excited! I am 13 years old and one day i hope to become a movie director. Or work with dogs. I lOVE DOGS ! I also have a dog, her name is Borah.

I can see it now, me walking Borah. She sees a bird and takes off running, draging me along. Borah runs into the street and then CRASH a car hits me while Borah chased the bird. My mother is worried that I haven’t been home for an hour. She goes out to find that I was hit and is laying helplessly on the street. Shes calls to get the ambulence, but they are too late.

Now if only that weren’t all true…....


* to find out more please lookback within a week. and you will see what happened to Mary Joan Minns….*

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