Use The Musket

You use your musket to shoot the boar from a distance, after all who wants to go face to face with that kind of monster?
Joe congratulates you on an spectacular shot.
Zoe cooks the boar for you and Joe.
“Zoe this is amazing!” Joe says to her.
“Yeah! This is the best food I’ve ever had!” you agree.
Zoe blushes. “You guys are just hungry, that’s all.”
You and Joe insist that her food is awesome, unbeknownst to the three of you your fire is sending up a crystal clear smoke signal.
Within a few minutes your surrounded by the very pirates you were trying to escape.
“Um, hello there. How’s the ship? We were just scouting ahead-”
One of the pirates interrupts you. “Say G’night, me hearties!”
They all open fire on you and your friends at the same time.


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