Elementary Gold

Inside the ivory box were a couple of stones about the size of marbles that sparkled like two mini golden suns. I was a bit confused. It wasn’t what I was expecting at all.
“You’re sure that’s what they are?” I asked.
Melody glared at me. “Of course I’m sure!”
I looked hesitantly back down at the yellow rocks.
“I’m gonna have to prove it to you aren’t I?”
Melody sighed, took one of the gems out of the box, and nicked off a small portion of it. Then she placed the box back in the drawer and locked it.
I followed her over to the furnace where a silver mixture was melting over the fire. She wrapped the yellow piece with wax and dropped it into the silvery liquid.
After a few minutes, the liquid started to bubble and hiss. It suddenly turned a bright emerald green and then it turned a deep blood red.
I waited anxiously for several minutes, until Melody finally brought me the finished product. She placed it in my hands, and I couldn’t believe my eyes.
For in my hands was a gleaming, solid block of pure gold!

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