Dark Chocolate Coffee. Round Two: Fight!

Jerry could see he had about 15 seconds to prevent the oncoming calamity.
“Ash,” he said pushing past Marianne. “Come on, let’s get that off you before the stain sets!” Jerry pulled her to her feet.
“Yeah, Ashcroft.” Marianne snickered. “Go with Jeremiah to wash out that little stain!”
Ash snapped her head around to glare at Marianne.
Oh no. I’m too late, here it comes…
Jerry gently let go of her arm and took an inconspicuous step backward.
The slap was so loud that most of the conversation in the food court ceased. Jerry winced, that had to hurt a lot.
“How could you?!” Ash screamed. My Father gave this to me!
“I-It was an a-accident, relax Ashcroft.” Marianne struggled, Jerry could tell that the slap had stunned her.
MY NAME IS ASH !” Ash screamed at the top of her lungs.
“Whatever.” said Marianne with fake bravado.
Ash’s face was red with rage. she picked up Jerry’s drink, and overturned it on Marianne’s head.

It just happened to be Iced Coffee, dark chocolate flavoring.

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