Free Joe

You and Zoe frantically try to find something that will aid you in freeing Joe. Zoe finds a rusty looking blade and without stopping to think about where it could have come from she swings it into the web. It’s really sticky and hard to cut so it takes the two of you to swing the axe.
Joe is becoming hysterical.
“Get me out, please please please!” Joe begs. “I don’t want to be eaten by a spider!!”
“Shut up and stop struggling, you idiot!” Zoe screams at him. “Unless you want us to accidentaly cut you with this axe!”
Joe shuts up immediately and stops moving, but his eyes are wide with fear and his face is pale.
You look up and see exactly what you were hoping not to. The spider is back. It’s humongous and black with a green spot on its back.
“Whatttt arrre you doooinggg?” it demands.
You and Zoe nearly drop the axe in surprise it can talk!
“Ummm.” Zoe says.

Do You:
Stay and Talk to the Spider
Continue Your Attempt to Free Joe
Grab Zoe and Run

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