Wait For It...

You and Zoe decide to wait until the Spider comes back. If it does you can kill it, if it dosen’t well that’s good too. You and Zoe sit down while Joe begins to cry.
“You idiots!” he sniffles. “It’ll kill me! It’ll kill me before you know it!” The tears run down his face in a very unmanly fashion.
“Stop crying, you big baby.” Zoe says sighing. She turns to you. “He’s always like this…”
“IT’LL KILL ME I TELL YOU !” Joe screams, the tears coming faster now.
“Shut Up! shouts Zoe.
You wonder if she’s being a little unfair.
The spider is back. It’s humongous and black with a green spot on its back.
“Whatttt arrre you doooinggg?â€? it demands.
You and Zoe’s jaws drop in surprise, it can talk!
“Ummm.â€? Zoe says.

Do you:
Stay and Talk to the Spider
Stay and Try to Kill the Spider
Leave Everyone and Run In Terror

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