Leave Joe

You decide that there’s no hope for Joe. But you don’t tell him that.
“We’ll come back for you Joe! I promise!” You tell him.
You can tell that he dosen’t believe you.
“Will you?” he asks accusingly.
You can’t meet his eyes. “Come on, Zoe.”
“What?” You look at her in shock
“I said, No.” Zoe looks at you defiantly.
“Why? You can’t stay behind for this loser!” You say.
Zoe slaps you, hard. “How can you say that?” her eyes fill with tears. “After all we’ve been through!”
“All we’ve been through is his fault!” You rage. “Him and his stupid map!”
Joe stares at you. “At least I don’t turn my back on my friends.”
That look chills you to your very core. “You’re both idiots!” You yell and turn and run off into the bushes.
You live the rest of your life out as a hermit on the island, haunted by your last words to the best friends you ever had. You never know if they escape the pirates or if their even still alive. You die alone and miserable.


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