Tanya Isn't A Nice Girl

I decided arguing with this here lady wasn’t a good idea. I hopped into the stagecoach, mumbling under my breath for effect.
Tanya climbed in after me and whistled for the driver to be off.
“Tanya…” I started. “That’s a right pretty name fer a girl.”
Tanya gave me a bored look that really got under my skin.
“How’d a nice girl like youse end up doin bounty huntin’?” I asked.
“I’m not a nice girl.” Tanya looked at me with annoyance.
“Well I can see that, fer sure.”
She looked me over as if contemplating to shoot me right then. “Ya know the bounty wuz dead or alive doncha, Wren Jessup?”
I could feel the sweat running down my neck, I was in a tight spot. This Tanya was gonna be a hard nut to crack.
“Geez, I ain’ta doin nothin to ya. It sure iz hot in here.” I unbuttoned my shirt slowly.
If she was at all intrigued she wasn’t showing. She kept one eye on me and one hand on her pistol as she looked out the window.
This ain’t going to be easy.

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