The Hardest Game Of All

“It was fair game,” she said while smiling coyly at her latest victim.” I never made you come, nor did I make you stay. It was all your decision, so never try to blame this on me.”
“Yes, but,” He argued, while resurrecting himself straight and pushing back his hair, perhaps hoping that by buying himself a good enough argument pop into his head as to why it was truly her fault.” You knew what was going to happen, yet you didn’t warn me. That makes it your fault!” He declared, smiling victorious.
“I didn’t know exactly what was going to happen although I did have an inkling. Never the less, I do believe you owe me something. And let me assure you Mr. Humphrey, I will be leaving here with it, by no means necessary.” Claire informed him, while taking a step closer to him, with a smile that practically reached her ears, as she extended her hand out, waiting for her prize to be placed upon it.
Humphrey, never a coward,especially not because of a woman,stood tall,looked at her and dared her to come take it…

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