Deadly [Selfish Allegories Challenge]

Jamie was in the way.

I tried; I tried to ignore him. There was no way that he could just waltz into good fortune while I’d devoted my entire existence to achieving it. But I could feel it… all that I had worked for, slipping slowly away from me, inching towards that brat.

And I was so close. My big break was just on the edge of my finger tips; so close that I could nearly breathe in it’s intoxicating scent, feel it’s soft edges. The event that would make everything right; when, all at once, my work would pay off in the ultimate dream.

Surely you can understand my rage when Jamie stepped under the limelight. A thoughtless child of 17, performing on street corners. Because he liked it. Liked it! The nerve. And Rick had picked him up, said he liked his sound. Brought him to Andrews, like the kid was some kind of prize.

I have never been the type to back down. I fight my battles, and I finish them. And when I felt threatened by Jamie, I took action, like anyone would.

I feel no guilt.

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