Blue Meander: If She Agrees

“M-me?” I stuttered. ”
The crew nodded looking hopeful.
“But I don’t know anything about… I could never…” I couldn’t even find the right words.
“We’ll teach you Lady Gloria.” Darvie said.
“Yesh. We’ll teash youse. Ever shince youse got on dis sshhip, we knews youse wuz summin specials!” Willie said with his heavy lisp.
I was flattered that they’d even considered such a thing. I turned to Captain Corbluff.
“If you think I can do it-” I started.
“I know you can do it, Gloria.” he said gently.
I felt pride swell in my chest. The crew and even the Captain believed in me! At that moment I felt as if I could do anything.
I stood a bit taller. “I agree.” I said simply.
The crew let out a rousing cheer.
“Now crew,” Captain Corbluff said interrupting their merriment. “We must give her the test of courage.”
The cheer died down and the crew looked apprehensive.
“What’s the test of courage?” I asked a bit worriedly.

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