She lives in the mirror

She walked in, dressed in the latest designer clothes, at the strategic evening time of 10:45pm. The club was new, and she wanted to get noticed. Her carefully applied makeup matched her appropriately selected shoes and handbag.

As she came through the door to the upper landing of the stairs, she noticed the giant wall mirror to her right. She stopped immediately, and focused her gaze on her reflection in the mirror.

She dropped her jaw slightly as she bent closer to the mirror, trying to catch a glimpse of herself during the brief interval that she was illuminated by the gyrating disco light. With each flash, she managed to primp and adjust imperfections that only she could see.

For a short time, she retreated into the bathroom, to adjust some unmentionables. But she returned to the same place in front of that mirror.

Sadly, unsatisfied with her looks, she left the club, not noticing the 18 pairs of eyes that had been watching her, wanting her to come down the stairs so they could talk to her.

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