Jessica with her undiscovered talent part 2

I was just in junior high plays then. Romeo and Juliet was one of my favorites. People had always told me I was talented. But I never had taken it to heart.
Then one day, during a play our teacher wrote called, Wind-Blown, a talent scout had come to our school. I had no idea. Everyone was running around, trying to be perfect; but no one felt the need to tell me anything.
I just stood there. I was the lead. Again. I pulled my thick, curly brunette hair into a ponytail; like my character. I didn’t want to ask anyone what was going on. I needed to get ‘in the zone’. I tried the excercises I saw on High School Musical. Boy, Sharpay was smart in that way.
When I went on stage and I did my best, I felt like a queen. A queen of acting. Then people told me about the scout. And sure enough, as I was getting out of costume, he came back. He held a briefcase and looked pleased. He talked to me. I felt like I was in a dream. It felt so nice then. Now, I wasn’t so sure.

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