It Was Me

I gazed at where the dreaded cross should be. It was not there. All I saw was a little mound of earth a bit higher than the plane of grass around it. Puzzled, I looked around. Eerily, I realized it looked exactly like it did before my father was buried. Scared now, I tried to run but couldn’t move. I then saw the cross in the distance. I shakily walked up to it. I could just make out our last name; Caldren.

When I got close enough, I read the epitaph. It read,

“Here lies our dearly beloved Edward Caldren, who violently died in a car accident. He was loved by many, including his mother, Edna, father, Edward Sr., and brother, Evan.”

Wait, Edward is my name! And my father, he’s dead! Why does this cross read… In my state of confusion, my eyes fluttered open. All I could see was polished wood below, above, and beside me. I wondered why I would be in something that resembled a box. No, a …coffin. Gasping, I realized I was the one who was buried. I was the one who suffered that horrid curse.

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