Coming Clean

By that night I had forgiven Val.

It just wasn’t worth staying mad at her for.

I just hoped that she was dating Michael because she actually liked him, and not to get Robbie (her old crush) jealous.

But since I didn’t want to be hypocritical I decided to tell Val about Kyle.

The truth was I was a little confused about Kyle myself.

I mean I like Bryce.

I do.

Is it completely wrong to like two guys at once?

I have no idea.

And especially two guys that are basically best

It just doesn’t make any sense.

But Kyle is so sweet.

Like that one time Alex took my book and wouldn’t give it back, so Kyle acted all “tough” and got it for me.

I guess I really do like him.

me: is it wrong to like 2 guys?

val: no, so who is this other guy you like?

me: promise not to tell?

val: yes I promise! duh!

me: kyle

val: awwwwww

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