I'm An Addict

Hello, I’m flute_faerie7, and I am addicted to Ficlets. I have found myself talking about my ‘ficlet friends’ at school, followed by looks of understanding. They know enough by know to ignore me when I go on that tangent. When I talk to my friends online, I try to make things bold by two stars. For some reason, it never works. They are used to it by now.
When I am talking to them, I am known to go off on something that sounds like a story. I will then end it with an apology and saying that I guess I’m not on Ficlets anymore. I will then hasten to write it down to save for later. Lastly, when I am in class, I am constantly wondering if anyone commented on my stories. And if I’m not, I am thinking about when I get home to read that one story I pulled up in the morning. Yes, I get on here in the morning before school (I even wake up xtra early to do it) and when I get home after school. So anyways, I am now off to my addict class. I hope they have a computer there…

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