Sunrise in the Dark

I walked away that night, his words resounding in my head.

There was this place in me that was filled. I didn’t even know it had been empty. Tonight, it felt as though a candle was lit within my heart, illuminating all my soul. And he filled all the shadowed places with his fiery light.

It was hard to leave him, but we had homes to which to go. Technically, it was night. Each of us had our own reality to which to return. Still, trying to end the conversation had been like trying to sever a life line with broken safety scissors.

With a handshake, we left one another, lost our glowing auras in the Friday night crowd. With our hands, we made a promise, tied a cord to one another that shall never ever be severed. It can’t be. I was filled with this promise, with the light of my metaphorical sunrise, and with the observation that my hand fit so perfectly in his.

As I floated away that night, reliving the moment with vivid detail, I wondered. Did he feel it too?

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