Tlod and Horse Find a Tower

It was easy enough to find Ted the Off-White’s tower. Tlod would have liked to credit his incredible tracking abilities, but in all honesty – he just stopped to ask directions. His tracking abilities sort of sucked.

“I think that might be it, Horse,” Tlod shouted from the back of the flying dragon.

From a distance, the tower looked as if it were a giant arrow about to fire at the sun. Rumor had it that Ted the Off White was actually trying to devise a spell that would do just that.

“I have to ask – if you can fly, then why haven’t you offered to do it before now?” Tlod asked.

“You didn’t ask. How was I supposed to know you wanted something when you hadn’t asked?” Horse replied.

“We didn’t know you could fly. How were we supposed to know?”

“The wings didn’t clue you in?” The dragon asked.

“Hey! I didn’t have a head half the time. I couldn’t see!” Tlod explained.

“Yet you never seemed to lose your way or bump into things.”

“Shut up and fly,” Tlod spat.

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