My CoverGirl

I took whoever was on the top of my phonebook – Anna. We hang out at school and stuff, we’re pretty tight, hopefully she’ll get what I’m doing.

“Hello?” she answered after a few rings.

“Hi, Mom.”

“Who is th-”

“It’s just me calling to tell you that I’m over here. I guess you forgot, but I told you before.”

Hayden’s dad was totally buying it. He smiled, then headed down the hallway to go watch TV.

I ran up to Hayden’s room, both Hayden and Matt trailing me. Hayden seemed a bit nervous though, he kept motioning for me to get off the phone.

I just gave him a I haven’t talked to her in forever, just wait for a bit look.

“Anna, thank you soo much!”

“Yeah, no problem. What was that though?”

“I’m over at Hayden’s house, and my mom almost got me in trouble with his da-”

“You’re over at Hayden’s house?!”

“Uh.. yeah, is there a problem?” I gave Hayden a confused glare.

“I can’t believe you – are you going out with him?!”

“Yeah, wh-”

She hung up on me.

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